Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet the family!

Greetings in His Name! Please find below pictures to introduce you all to everyone here at Gateway including a brief history. Please continue to pray for all of us here at Gateway.

Srey Ruah (age 34)
Srey Ruah came to us in February 2009 when our previous cook left us. She is in training now to be our first house mother and is doing a wonderful job. We are so grateful for her. While she is at Gateway, her 3 daughters are staying with her parents.

Janna (age 35) and daughter Janny (age 5)

Among the first to arrive and become part of Gateway family in September 2008 were Janna and her daughter Janny. They are both under the program of Gateway. Due to the fact that Janna, only 35 years old, is going blind and has no husband and no family with the ability and/or means to support her and her daughter, Janny (age 5), she came to live here at Gateway.

Srey Leak (age 16), Srey Lih (age 15) and Lynda (age 9)

These 3 sisters came to Gateway in September, 2008. We had heard of their situation as being very poor and with no father present to help work and support the family, they were living in a shanty next to their grandparents’ house. The older two girls were sent to work as hired hands every weekend to earn enough money to support the 4 daughters and their mother (the youngest is almost 2 years old now and lives with their mother).

Phanet (age 15), Srey Nij (age 10) and Sy Naet (age 9)

These siblings joined our family the end of October 2008 after their oldest brother came to live here (he has since returned to living with their grandparents). These were the first of our full orphans to join Gateway family. Their parents died in a motorcycle wreck in November 2007 and had been staying with relatives until hearing about Gateway and coming to live here.

Srey Lin (age 2)

This little one first came to Gateway under a temporary arrangement, but after being here 2 months, we received permission and filled out the necessary paperwork for her to be here. Her mother has HIV and we have since learned that Lin is also infected. Though she is infected, we are awaiting the latest blood results to determine whether or not she will start the ARV medication.

Srey Niang (age 9) and Srey Pau (age 7)

Having been orphaned at a young age, these two sisters lived with their grandparents until their grandmother became too ill to care for them. They heard about our center for orphans and disadvantaged children and came to live here in May 2009.

Dola (age 10)

He came to us in June 2009, a month after his cousins, Srey Niang and Srey Pau, came to Gateway. His mother is living, but since his father died when he was too little to remember, his mother has had difficulty working and earning enough to support the two of them.

Srey Pia (age 7)

When her mother died nearly 3 years ago her father had increasing difficulty to support her and her 4 siblings. They heard about our place and so she came with a brother (who did not want to live with us and shortly after coming left to return home) in July 2009.

Cheing Hoan (age 11) and Cheing Hiang (age 10)

When their mother died by lightening 3 1/2 years ago, their father had greater difficulty working away from home and caring for and supporting his three daughters. They came to Gateway in August 2009.

Srey Leak-II (age 12) and Wuan (age 8)

This sister and brother have been almost completely raised by their grandmother. Their mother left them in her care when she went to work in Thailand and has never returned. Their father has taken a new wife and has had no hand in supporting them. Since the grandmother is quite poor, she decided to send them to us. They arrived at Gateway the end of September 2009.

Roe (age 13), Raj (age 8) and Nij-II (age 3)

Our newest arrivals came mid-October 2009. Their mother has died and their father has been unable to support them sufficiently. When the relatives helping to care for them while the father works fell ill, he found it necessary to bring his kids here.